Thursday, July 15, 2010

30m QRSS/WSPR crystal combi

Short notice about a combination a accidentally saw:
  • 18.138 - 8.000 = 10.138
The beauty here, it is subtractive, thus, thermal effects should (nearly) cancel out.
The 18.138 crystal is made available by VK1AA.

In terms of design, this [click] looks like an interesting approach. Although, I consider the use of 74HC4066s.
Thinking of a design, a 4MHz subharmonic l.o. comes to my mind, after all, subharmonic mixers are also bi-directional.

Monday, July 5, 2010

good ole times

I loved my stay in Hamburg.... I have been visitor to the "Hamburger Staatsoper" every two weeks.
In that course I also enjoyed this performance:
This was from the second act "Suor Angelica" of the opera "Il Trittico" by J. Puccini.
To keep my promise to Jan, here're some highlights of the other parts:
First act "Il Tabarro":
Third act "Gianni Schicci":

Could be some idea to open up a blog on opera :-)