Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Pipe Speaker Improvements

The last issue I had with all of my PVC-Voigt-Pipes: resonance of the horn. I read about it, I knew about it... and now, I was bugged by it too.

The solution is very simple: a tripe of cleaning cloth, just below the joint of the driver unit to the horn. The effectiveness of which can be tested by slapping a flat hand on either end of the horn. Without the damping cleaning cloth sound would resonate creating some BOONNNNNG BOONNNNG. With the cloth inserted, this changes to BooB BooB.

BTW, this was effective with the designs I published on this blog.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pipe Dreams revamped

My prototype pipes always lacked a certain tonal depth. In the past, I laid that down by the fact that I was using 2" pipes (have a look).
The drivers I was using to that time came from a TV set. While this drivers taught me a lot and enabled some experimenting, which lead to the latter 3" design, which sits in my living room, now in a folded manner.
Strangely, the 3" drivers seem not to be of that much better quality... however, the 3" setup a much butter punch in all aspects.

Willing to further experiment with the PVC prototypes, I ordered a pair of 2" 3W drivers, similar to those.
Yep, those cost next to nothing. They sound surprisingly good when driving my folded "XXL PVC" prototypes.

The question remains if it would be worth to further fold the pipes for improved portability.