Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is stone-age stuff. But yeah, why not. Have been to a radio flea market today. With no further wishes on my list, it was some sort of gamble, the ride took me 1h30min each way, road construction, severe congestion, etc. The three hours in the car payed off however.
Presently the aerial of the Polyakov DC grabber receiver is matched by means of my QRP transmatch, which I actually do miss in my non-QRSS QRP work. Strolling along the lines of tables with used appliances, my attention was drawn to a table with communications receivers only. Not that I would be in need of any, really. However, there it was, a sole FRT-7700, shining into my face. The €40.- were payed without even attempting to negotiate.
Thus, soon-ish, the transmatch will again be wired up to something that also transmits and the QRSS spectrum receiver will have it's own dedicated antenna tuner. To be honest, not having it built myself makes me feel kinda odd. Could thus well be that the FRT will be replaced by something else; this something could well be a CLC-pi-filter, the classic.