Saturday, January 30, 2010

Warblers do WSPR

Dave's Warblers come with color burst crystals, that's good, so we could use those for AFSK QRSS. OK, one tiny mod here, we need to get to the lower side of the crystal filter, but that should be all....

Now, what got that to do with WSPR? Ahhh, well, nothing really.... sorry about that, just another mod.

So, WSPR here it comes, assume we would be inserting 10.140MHz crystals, instead the 3.579545MHz ones. Yes, again we would like the oscillator to do its' thing below the filter frequency...
For the rest, some resonant stuff (behind the buffer) and a bit of front-end need to be recalculated.

I am convinced that the Warbler will do a perfect job as WSPR transceiver and METP/Grabber-RX on 30m, more or less OOB.