Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NIKKEI NRB10 or a Retro QRP Enclosure

I should not be left alone in electronics stores, I guess. The temptation of buying one of these was just to great, even if the price of about €20 is not really calling bargain.

Here what the receiver looks alike

I figure, the ideal front configuration for a multi-band CW QRP station. Looks cool too! The switch on the right-hand side has got 4 positions: OFF - FM - AM - AUX. Some ideas for that switch:
  • OFF - 80m - 40m - 20m (multi-band CW transceiver)
  • OFF - AM - LSB - CW (75/80m single band multimode transceiver)
  • OFF - RX - TX - TUNE (75/80m AM transceiver)
  • OFF - 2.7kHz - 1kHz - 500Hz (single band CW-TRX w/ several filters)
The left-hand volume potentiometer would very likely keep its function.

Nice bit on the kit, the main tuning knob is equipped with a vernier drive!

The red and green LEDs could serve all sorts of purposes... and also the scale back light could be used for something.

What about the back side of the radio? Again, perfect for QRP! Have a look:

NRB10 back cover

First of all, the material of the back cover seems good workable soft plastics. More interestingly however, enough sockets for all sorts of things. Some thoughts:

  • keep the RCA for the speaker, since this is already done
  • use the mains power cord to connect to the 12V station supply
  • replace the 75Ohm socket by a 50Ohm BNC socket
  • headphones will remain as is, it is nice to have the correct symbol printed on the cover
  • REC OUT also could be used as such, for connecting the rig to a computer
  • AUX will serve as a KEY in or a MIC/PTT

I can't wait to have that box operable, sitting on my living room table. Hmmm, probably, I should write less and solder more ;-)