Saturday, March 19, 2011

75Ohms Coax update

Low loss & cheap, that was just one part of the story about RG-6 sat-coax. The other side would be the (cheap) accessories one can get for the 75Ohms F-system. My secondary grabber system (Target HF3 & Yaesu FRT-7700) is hooked up to 75Ohms for a couple of days. Additionally I am using one of those ("Sat-Flex"-adapter):

For the readers who have never seen those before, such devices are use to lead a TV-sat signal from the LNC to the indoors sat-receiver. Those adapters are squeezed between a window and a window frame.

There are other accessories available at very very low prices. Splitters, barrels, splitters, etc.

And even better news. I not buying the cheapest available, one may be lucky and obtain this:
Well, it was slightly more expensive (€8.- for 10m @ HEMA) than the previous example, and it did not come with F-connectors. However, see the air-cells? Next to the Al-foil shield, there is a Cu-braid, the soul is made from Cu too. This cable can be soldered just fine.
Somehow the stuff reminds me of aircom-plus (€3.35 for 1m)... many times cheaper though...