Monday, May 16, 2011

The Ultimate Icom IC-M700D+

OK, this may sound a little unfair and overdone... today I managed to secure an Icom IC-M700 purchase. That means, I will create the ultimate IC-M700(whatever)+++.
Here is the idea: All of the IC-M700xx brought their individual pros and cons. The aim is to create the ultimate transceiver based on whatever Icom had to offer in the M700 series.
I believe, I have found it!

  • IC-M700D: three power regimes, USB only (limited TX-QRGs, see mod)
  • IC-M700: USB/LSB, TCXO, one power regime only
  • the modified IC-M700D will be equiped with the RF-unit of the IC-M700 and hence providing USB and LSB voice operations at three different power levels, which to me sounds like a nice rag chew transceiver.
  • the IC-M700 seems to be crippled by the use of the USB-only RF unit of the IC-M700D. However, the base band stability of the TCXO makes the USB-only unit a perfect transceiver for digital modes.
Still there is this perfect all in one box sitting in my shack, the IC-M700TY.
However, since it is very hard to get your hands on one of those, merging the IC-M700D(or F) with  an IC-M700, will get you at least half the way to an IC-700TY.