Saturday, June 11, 2011

XPware was made freeware!

XPware is freeware now! It runs under WinXP (have not tested any other win-flavor).

It can talk to the following controllers (test myself):
  • Kantronics KAM(+)
  • AEA PK900
  • SCS PCT+
The handling of the software depends on the respective controller.

I did those tests on the grabber pc, which in parallel was running one instance of winamp, two instances of spectrum and argoupload. Since modern PCs are not equipped with serial ports anymore, USB2Serial cables were used. All in all I believe being fine to going on with NBDP acitivities.

NBDP what's that? You may ask... This is the modern name for the mode family FEC, SelFEC and TOR. The acronym stand for Narrow Band Direct Printing.

PS: if you are on facebook, feel free to join the recently created group "Teleprinting Over Radio"