Monday, March 3, 2014

PVC Pipe Speakers

Yep, I know, this is not RF, this is AF. However, this post my be of interest anyways.

Recently, my first ever LC-Television died on me. Of course, the device had to be source of parts. And it was! The sound of this TV was not bad, hence, I also took the 2 tiny 2" full range speakers out before I crapped the rest.

After collecting some dust, the chassis are finally put into operation again, wit the help of 2" (55mm) PVC pipes.

The speakers are house in elbows, taped in by electricians tape:

the driver

Followed by 1m of 55mm PVC pipe, providing the air column. The pipe is actually filled with a "pipe insulation jacket" as to reduce resonance effects and also increase the acoustic resistance.

the speaker box

Of course you would not expect the sound of a Klipschorn from this device, however, you will be surprised how much bass a 2 inch speaker can deliver, being placed in a decent enclosure.
I am sure that sound quality can be improved by stuffing the tube properly, however, the foam tube insulation was just so tempting to do, cheap and easy, and it works surprisingly well.