Saturday, June 15, 2019

Portable Stereo Stage

This channel has been silent for some time by now, sorry for that! Will be getting more active in the near future.
While this blog started as a RF only outlet, slowly I drifted to all sort of electronics, including speaker enclosure designs using PVC piping material. Yes, those pipes are still in my living room, connected to a class A tube amplifier and fed by some CD players. While sounding pretty good, this is not really portable per se, although, seen against cement speaker enclosure, this is probably relatively portable.
Travelling back and forth nowadays, I was searching for an alternative.

Lately, I found said alternative. Got a couple of JBL Flip 4 BT speakers. Those are connected to my phone using BT.

Those JBL Flip 4 BT speakers can be used as a pair of stereo speakers. Not having read any instructions, I took me some to to figure out how to actually create that stereo stage. Having tested the setup with different kind of listening, from Vivaldi over Herbie Hancock to Dream Theater, I am deeply impressed!
Seen that the setup is that small and inexpensive that fact that I could not find any flaw in the sound experience tells me that I found my next stereo system.
Although in comparison to my tube class A amplifier, some additional noise is evident.

For aesthetic reasons, I chose both Flip 4s to be black. Of course this makes them a little bit more difficult to setup in the right way. A small sticker indicating which is left and which is right should not be a bit deal however.

If you can live with a little bit of pink noise, a setup of dual JBL Flip 4 speakers is highly recommended.