Monday, October 19, 2020

QO-100 update

Not much to report, other than I shortened the RG-6 coax for the Up-Link. The length should be about 3.5m, however, I have not measured the length yet. In order to achieve the shorter transmission line, drilled a hole into a window frame relatively close to the UL dish. This allows the power amplifier to be indoors. 

By now, I made contacts in side-band from Brazil to Thailand. The occasional rag chew QSO confirmed that my signal is loud enough to not be difficult to listen to.

There is a plan of using the UL dish also for reception. The added gain in the DL might make it easier to operate with a full analogue setup. Although, the LNB being placed in the center of the feed-helix might compromise the UL signal. Something to experiment with...
Further down the line, I might acquire a larger off-set dish, e.g. 1m, mainly to add some gain to the UL.