Tuesday, November 3, 2020

QO-100 Uplink Setup Changes

My original setup used 10m RG6 between the PA and the feed, with a 100cm SMA patch cable between the converter and the PA.
When I reduced the length of the RG6, I also reduced the length of the SMA patch cable to 10cm. After this change, I had some QSOs, no complains. However, when I looked at my own spectrum, I was not so happy seeing splatter on the wrong side-band.
Probably, my converter, outputting 200mW, saturated the PA, which input is rated 100mW. Just as an experiment, I changed the patch back to 100cm. Having had some test transmissions, I can now state that my signal is clean again.
Sometimes, it only needs a little bit of coax in the right place to solve a problem.