Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Bullseye LNB for QO-100

It finally arrived in the Netherlands, the most expensive LNB I ever bought. For a whopping  €25 and many weeks of waiting, the Bullseye LNB was mine. Well, nothing to complain about really, I knew how long shipping will take, and, seen reviews on YouTube, the LNB seemed worth the money and the wait, in particular when compared to competing products.

So, the shipment came in, finally. Of course, I waited until after midnight before I finally got the LNB installed in the focus of my downlink dish. You can't do those things in daylight... it just would not be cool... literally, with have a winter wave with temperatures about -9C. 
Anyway, the LNB is installed and was surprisingly easy to find in the spectrum. Well done! Also, for the time being, the LNB appears to be very stable. Again, well done!

If the positive experience holds true, I will be hooking up my FT-736 again. Something I really looked forward to since I first learned about QO-100.