Saturday, June 6, 2009

30m A1A TRX

Not much to report lately, QRL is getting me. Not only having a trainee since a few weeks, now been sent on professional training courses myself. Further, organizing two seminars... I guess, June will be a pretty radio-inactive month.

Never the less, I managed to continue building the 30m A1A TRX. So far, the RX works, sort of. Still there is one issue with an oscillating I.F.-stage (when properly tuned); slight detune helps, is no solution however.

Last night, for a change, the Suburban grabber was deactivated, since the MEPT was onair. It's 40mW created nice signals into Great Britain. No DX for me though, and, unfortunately, no other European grabber in reach has been online (ON5EX is located in my dead-zone).

Otherwhise, no further progress on:
  • the 30m PSK-rig
  • the 20m maritime USB-trx
  • SDR
  • longwave
  • etc. ...
Too cold today, as to my taste, to go sailing, thus propably I will set up some VHF-stuff and hope for Es on 2m.