Monday, June 1, 2009


Not much to report for today. I've been to my local hardware store, actually had open today (public holiday in the better part of the EU).
Is that of any interest to radio-active people, you may ask yourself, actually it is. I bought some plumbing parts, forming the housing for PA0RDT's E-probe I built yesterday (see earlier post).
Further test, i.e. further outside my very own building, were done with great success, the next step (lifting the probe meter above my roof) will be done in near future.

Images of the project will be published on my web-page ( in close future, promise!

Oh yeah... the title, conrad... Today, I've been ordering again. I will be going SMD with a better part of m projects, thus, SMD-components needed.

Actually, one of my side-projects is a hifer-TX (22m) built from SMD-components, powered by a SGL (solar garden light). Very likely, Europe will soon have a hifer-beacon again, solar powered... find it .... blame it one me ... There still is an off-shore-hifer-beacon in the planning. It could be the one that you may find travelling the oceans, i.e. bearings changing according to tides. I wont tell more just here, ride the waves and listen....