Saturday, August 1, 2009

Altoids & Co

For unknown reasons, Altoids are not sold in shops around me. Hmmm, how than to encase QRP stuff?

In search for replacement, I was visiting about ten shops. Only one got some reasonable, Barkleys. Same size as Altoids tins, I like them even better, since they have got a flat bottom that does not bulge in.

Apart from that, anyone interested in a year's supply of peppermints?


  1. Ozon from gajol is what i have in mind to use, but they are to small )8

    Well Hans Summers are using them.

    I have some Lakritol from Carletti. It is a rather flat tin box

  2. I have preferred Fishermans' Friend:

    I also have one Penguin Mint box waiting for SoftRock SDR to be housed.

    73 de Ari OH3KAV