Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shielded 30m RX-loop

Did some cutting and soldering. With measures like "Pi mal Daumen" and a look at the previous shielded loop (resonanting between 49m and 40m, remember?), I managed to arrive at a shielded magnetic loop resonating at 30m. Diameter is about 30cm, I will however publish more precice values soon. Same materials used, some polystyrol vari-cap. Coupling done with a T37-6.
The loop receives, levels, however, are very low, as expected.

Next step, a preamp. Not sure what design to choose.


  1. Sounds like a nice design for 30m - if the (output) impedance of the ant is around 50 ohm , why not use a MMIC ?

    Is that the cable available in the local Hornbach here ?

  2. I got it from Karwei, but H'bach should have it too.
    MMIC, well, I only got four left. And there is no good source around....