Thursday, November 26, 2009

HF3 clarifier adjustment second option

There are two ways, both not very difficult. Adjusting the clarifier takes some patience however, steady fingers help with an unmodified HF3. For the first option, please see the entry about HF3 grabber setup.

Here a second option that does not require a spectrum display, in this method you will be using your ears instead of your eyes. This is now it works, and also why...
  1. pick a broadcast station or timesignal with proven stable frequency
  2. switch to USB (you should now here a 2kHz tone, that would be the carrier)
  3. set the dial 2kHz above the nominal frequency (this bring you close to zero beat)
  4. adjust the clarifier for zero beat

This is why this works, the HF3 has got a very wide side-band filter, I guess that saves the maker some money. Hence, the filter's passband is broad enough to even pass the carrier and LSB contributions, allowing us to adjust the clarifier w/o any further tricks.