Monday, November 16, 2009

Potential QRSS frequencies

Since in the US, only the extra class is allowed to transmit on the first 25kHz of the bands, our present habit of using the lowest edge of the traditional five shortwave bands prevents a majority of American hams to actively participate in very slow activity. This is the present situation, I believe:

For 80m, we could consider 3.5999, the border between narrowband and broadband data. An alternative could be the color burst frequency, 3.579. According to the region 1 band plan, this still is a CW frequency, however, massive PSK31 threat. Further pulling, we could possibly end up at 3.575.

Bands 20m and higher, I would suggest to stay close to the IBP beacons, something like 14.0989, 18.1089, 21.1489, 24.9289. For 10m, we got the nice 28.188 crystals made by Nick, so we should use those, I reckon.

For 160m, I would vote for 1.8432 since we got cheap crystals here, and some are operating MEPTs on that frequency already.

Don't forget, there also is the Italian frequency 28.322. Following this approach, and since it has been done before, we can cover 14.31818 with cheap computer crystals/oscillators.

Oh, I did not mention 30m and 40m ;-)
Well, I think, there's no need to change anything on 30m (10.140).
And as for 40m, an on-air test revealed that 7.0599 seems to be working fine. I will write about this "experiment" in the next few blog entries, stay tuned.

Summarizing, here's a list of suggested (new/additional) QRSS frequencies:
  • 1.8432
  • 3.500, 3.575, 3.579, 3.5999
  • 7.000, 7.0599
  • 10.140
  • 14.000, 14.0989, 14.31818
  • 18.1089
  • 21.000, 21.1489
  • 24.9289
  • 28.000, 28.188, 28.322
Comments are welcome!