Thursday, September 2, 2010

Daytime Averaging

Unfortunately, the night did not really reveal any good condx. However, during daytime, very poor condx allowed to see some Southern European signals.

During the time span in question, the regular grabber took the following spectra

In the time between 10:30 and 13:00 UTC, 15 10min spectra were taken. Successive 5 of those spectra were average into 3 intermediate results, which were averaged again. Remember the demo-version of the stacking software allows for max. 10 images to be treated.

Averaging Result

Metallic Effect (irfanview)

Paolo's FSK signal nicely spreads over the full 10min span. Due to fading, the signal never made it into JO22 for any continuous 10min, as the 15 "frames" show.

The SNR could be further improved by selecting the best spectra, i.e. with at least some signal. I went for the "blind" method (using all frames) an automatic grabber would perform.

If interested in the raw spectra (frames), drop a comment, I will make a zip-file available for download.