Saturday, September 4, 2010

QRSS Averaging vs Plasma TV - 2nd Test

Short update on averaging fighting a plasma TV.

I selected the best and the worst of the 10 frames used for averaging. It seems that every plasma TV has got its own finger-print...

Let's have a look:

best frame

worst frame

average of 10 frames
... using the (old) dark frame
... dark frame and cut "low" pixels
This shows, as long as the local noise is regular enough, one can either simply ignore it, or fight it with simple measures. I think, I could do better on the dark frame story, however, I still lack pure TV signal to create my "plasma frame".

6 frames stacked (no dark frame), positive QRSS identification of "SGT" despite the plasma TV... more to learn. I should make my dark frame soon.
positive identification of SGT