Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Type of OTHR?

Today, for the first time ever, I see this sort of signal in 30m-spectrum-grabbers worldwide.

To me, this looks like some sort of OTHR, I may be wrong here... Anyone an idea?


  1. I have seen the same signal time to time on 7055Khz. More like a MFSK special transmission. It doesn't have the classic pulse like woodpecker, so possible is a comercial or millitary transmission.

  2. IARU report
    OTH Radar systems on amateur bands
    The Cyprus radar systems were active on 10 and 21 MHz. Turkish OTH radar systems (50 pps, 20 kHz wide) were
    abusing 14 and 21 MHz. On 21 MHz the radars were splattering over +/- 30 kHz. Locations: Area of Canakkale and
    East- Turkey. Spanish military was testing the new Spanish OTH Radar on 14184 and 14303 kHz, often with
    66.66 pps. Russian OTH Radar Kaliningrad on 7054 kHz (38.47 pps - 4 kHz wide) on Sep. 28 .

  3. Wow, very interesting data collection! Thanks!