Friday, September 16, 2011

Cheap Android Tablet Going Strong

Some time ago, I reported about a very cheap Android Tablet (from kijkshop), which I used regularly for this and that.
The table came with some port accessory, which holds two regular USB ports and an Ethernet connection. Writing this, I am presently using the tablet via Ethernet (thus no WLAN) with a wireless keyboard attached via USB for convenient typing. The port accessory actually seem not to have functioned when I got the device first. However, in the course of time, I really could not believe that a design fault was the cause. Well, the was a design fault, not in the electronics though. The plastics chassis appeared to be too large and had to be sanded down in order to allow all pins to make contact. Seen that the tablet costed € 100.-, I should have bought a second one, since said shop stopped selling those devices.
Still, I have not mentioned any details about the product...
it is an iLC 7" tablet PC using an ARM 800MHz processor with 256MB RAM
the OS being Android 2.2 (Android Market installed) on 4GB flash storage, allowing for a microSD card
the device is further equipped with WiFi, stereo speakers, a headphone connector and a built-in microphone
finally, there is the port accessory, providing 10baseT and 2x USB
All in all, the gadget look comparably cheap, matching up with the proce somehow. At times the device's response is somewhat sluggish. Would I buy the gadget once again? YES!