Friday, September 9, 2011

Kizomba, the Name of the Game

Hi folks,
this is completely off topic.You may have wondered why I am sooooo slooooow writing technical articles, well, there are some reasons. One of them reasons being, I am much more into dancing once again... and kizomba is the name of that game. Some may already know that I am severely into mambo dancing, this remains. For those of you readers that are into dancing, check out kizomba, aka. African tango. The dance is from Angola, the music is a mix of French creole "zouk" and Angolan "semba".
Dear fellow ham radio operators, there is more to life than a microphone or a Morse key. Get out, get social enjoy life, also on the dance floor!
BTW, WCS (West Coast Swing) is cool too! Go for it, grab a girl and off you go!