Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eggbeater II (2)

Wow, that was easy. Nailed it all together. Actually, even though I found some RG62, without the delay line (some call that thing phasing), thus, linearly it will be polarized for now.The whole is mounted to a 40mm PVC pipe. No surprise here.
The surprise came when hooking it up the the MFJ analyzer. The SWR shows a minimum of 1.1:1, and, that actually takes place at 435MHz! K5OE did not promise too much. BTW, with AOL services closed, I hope Jerry's original page will show up again somewhere else.

Now that the standby RX-aerial is done, part two of the exercise will probably be to build TPMs (Texas Potato Masher) to be placed on a cheapoe rotator for TX.

The first setup is now more or less completed. Shopping for more PVC plumbing done.

Finally, I decided to leave in aerial linearly polarized. When remembering correctly, the difference would be 3dB. OK, this could make or break the link-budget, but than, this is supposed to be the first setup of its' kind that I made... collecting experience is a part of the game, I figure.

Now, lets wait for the first signals to appear!