Monday, July 13, 2009

no progress

Sorry to write, but there has not been any progress on any of my projects lately. This must have something to do with all the parts that had been delivered lately ;-)
Honestly, this weekend was reserved for other activities... We will see about the upcoming weeks.

Open projects:
  • the AXEmite
  • 30m PSK-TRX
  • long-wave generally
  • TRX for maritime nets (20m)
Further in the planning (amongst others):
  • combined QRSS RX for 80, 40 and 20
  • dedicated QRSS RX for 22m
  • NAVTEX RX (518kHz)
  • propagation alert RX for 6m and 10m
  • APRS TRX (old Taxi-radio)
If there only were more hours in one day...