Tuesday, December 1, 2009

bonk bonk bonk... (DCTL)

That would be the echo of me banging my head on the wall... Now that the thing is in resonance, it works brilliantly with my subharmonic direct conversion receiver. Grggrrrrrr, I took it for granted for several weeks, that the dimensions of the loop were ok, and put all efforts to the 6:1 balun... Now that I think of it more clearly (don't you ask me why this didn't happen earlier, you don't wanna know!), it is sort of clear, I am not using 300Ohms window line as I used for the 40m DCTL, but rather EUROPEAN (!!!!) TV-twin, which is 240Ohms (I believe), and thus, also has got a different capacitance per length.
Bonk bonk bonk ...
Bonk bonk bonk!!!!
But now, it seems, I am onto something. Receiving the mystery station from JN44AE now, 2037z.
The DCTL finally usable for QRSS? I hope so, I intended to use this sort of aerial for future journeys, to put signal in the air, or maybe receive occasionally...