Monday, May 17, 2010

IC-M700D LSB update

Wow, how cool is that. This morning, the postman dropped me a padded letter through my door. The letter contained a 4922kHz crystal! Unfortunately, no sender was noted. Must be a reader of this blog though ;-)

Dus, grote dank aan de OM achter de brief! Idd, de kristal is iets groter dan het origineel. In de doos van de IC-M700 zelf is gelukkig zooooo veel ruimte, dat dit helemaal niets uit maakt.
Ik zou me ook graag personelijk willen bedanken, maar, ik weet hellaas niet bij wie...

I hope, that this crystal can be pulled downwards enough, 2kHz should not be a big deal, so that grinding would not be required. I will, additionally, invest some time in finding out how to grind up modern crystals, so that more owners of non-LSB IC-M700 transceivers will be able to modify their's.


  1. Hello!

    I am enjoying the knowledge you are sharing on this blog. Thank you!

    I have an Icom ic-m700d that needs all plugs and chords. I only have the radio unit. It has not been used for several years. Any warnings or suggestions about getting it running again? Are there any contacts I should clean of possible corrosion before connecting it to electricity? Is there a way I (as a layman) can check to see if all circuits are working?

  2. Hi there and thanks for the comment!

    Hmm, let me see how to answer your questions in the best possible way.

    First of all, I can't think of any risk switching the unit on. Corrosion is never a good thing, I would clean the antenna socket.

    You wrote that no cables are available. You could solder heavy duty speaker wire to the power socket (polarity!).
    What concerns me more is, if the unit is equipped with a microphone or handset. The audio, on the way to the speaker, is lead through the handset. If no handset/mic is present, the speaker wont do anything. If you got no mic, the respective pins of the mic/alarm-unit could be shortened.

    Other than a mic/headset, power cord and antenna (dummy load) is not required to operate the radio.

    When switching in on, take care to have the speaker switched on and the squelch off.
    I would hack in the frequency of a strong AM broadcast station. That would be an easy way to check if the receiver is ok.
    To check the transmitter, you will need to either do the "no lock-out" modification first, or use a good dummy load.

    In the wild of the internet, a service manual for the IC-M700 (non D) is available for download, e.g. here:
    The M700D is very similar to the M700, some parts are left out, responsible for LSB (which is not present in M700D).

    If you need further info, just drop me a note, I will do my best to be helpful.