Thursday, February 10, 2011

JUMA-RX1 kit arrived

Unboxing of a kit... I would usually not make any noises about. However, this time it seems appropriate to share this experience with you.

SRAT sent the kit in a solid cardboard box with more than sufficient padding. I received an email the day the kit was shipped, with tracking info! The shipment was tagged "1st class - PRIORITY" and "RECOMMANDÉ". I am impressed!

The 1st class treatment continues inside the box, carrying a bag containing a TEKO casing. The kit itself is contained inside the TEKO casing:

JUMA-RX1 receiver kit
Note, the kit supplies you with everything you could possibly require... even rubber pads.


  1. Dit lijkt me een leuk project. Alleen zitten er volgens mij veel smd onderdelen in.

    73, Tjeerd

  2. Tjeerd,
    dit bouwpakket is 100% SMT en 99% SMD. Alleen de PIC en zijn crystal zijn geen SMDs, maar wel "surface mount".
    Meer infos en photos zijn op
    te vinden.

    73, Joachim