Monday, February 21, 2011

Propagation JO29 --> JO22

Most interesting! Two Norwegian stations, LA5GOA and LA9BEA (neighbors), running MEPTs from JO29.

The locations of the two stations, as googled, are:
Steen Erik wrote on the KnightsQRSS list "LA5GOA and LA9BEA live about 15km apart on the island Karm√ły on the west coast of Norway". Seen from my QTH, both stations share the same heading and hence, LA9BEA is by 15km closer to my location than LA5GOA.

And here comes the interesting part, not surprising however. Both transmitters create comparable field strengths in my humble grabber (located in JO22DA).
The following spectra were received by my 30m grabber setup: 30m-DCTL & subharmonic direct-conversion receiver. Note, the receiver does not employ AGC circuitry.
Please observe the different field strengths caused by the two friends and enjoy our ionosphere in action!