Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inexpensive Small Computer

Remember when I was writing about a "grabber viewer gadget" some weeks ago?
Well, the thing can be used for more, apparently, since it most likely was not build for grabber-viewing anyway ;-)
First, lets have a look what a minimal setup can look like...

The cost of the total setup is about €150.- for the ARCHOS 7 HT (8GB SSD, microSDHC, WiFi), €20,- for the wireless mini keyboard and €5.- for the USB gender-changer. The USB cable and the power supply are provided with the ARCHOS.

The only thing one has to do is to enable the USB HOST MODE in the ARCHOS' configuration menu. As soon as a pointing device is recognized, a mouse pointer is shown on the screen.

Amongst USB accessories I tested were a Micro Hub, a card-reader, thumb drives, a keyboard with built-in Hub, mice.

There seem to be ways to toggle to an alternative window manager. Android is perfect for touch-screens, operation, however when used with keyboard and mouse, the advantages of Android don't really help.