Saturday, March 6, 2010


A couple of notes, not worth an individual entry, however interesting enough to share.

Changed from AR3030 to FRG-100, same aerial (Octaplumb), same computer, same software... (had to change the spectrumlab settinga bit). As a result, the AR3030 seems a have a 2dB SNR advantage over the FRG-100. This is the result from receiving G4JNT's WSPRing.

2.5mm² speaker cable is nice, works well in the Plumbtenna and the Octaplumb. I choose 2.5mm² because it was relatively cheap at a certain store. The same store also offers heavier gauge speaker cable, not precut, and somewhat more expensive. Namely 4mm² with red & black insulation for €1.79/m. Bought 10m for the outdoor TX loop.

Fillable sunshade stands make pretty good frame-antenna foots, indoors even when used empty. The frame can easily be rotated independently.

Plasma TVs suck!