Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grabber up

The grabber is back online for some hours now. No adverse effects yet. Let's hope it stays that way.
There is one minor change, the grabber is now using my G5RV-jr and not the DCTL.


  1. Nice to see the grabber back online

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  3. Hi Joachim, good to see your grabber is back on-line. Just (2aug2010, 20:50 lt) switched on my 250mW beacon and saw the signal on 10.139090 very clearly. Again good condx between Rijswijk JO22da and Zoetermeer JO22gb. This is a real G5RV-jr G5RV-jr link !
    72 de Ron, PA2RF

  4. Good to see you all in the spectra :-)
    I will hook the RX up to a less noisy aerial soon. There is an active shielded magnetic loop in the making...