Wednesday, August 18, 2010

H-Probe (the Aerial Formerly Known As Shielded Loop)

Short update, not only the name changed, some more happend.
Parts are collected, the TL592 based amplifier should be done in minutes.
The shielded loop is past now, I will reorganise the inside of the tuning-box. The toroid is removed, coupling will be done at the high impedance region of the loop, i.e. at the tuning capacitor.

Oh, should you wonder about the new name, this contraption is near to entirely screened, any E-field should therefore essentially be excluded from detection. A magnetic field, or H-field, will induce a current in the loop. This current will peak at the resonance frequency, creating a high impedance RF signal across the tuning capacitor. The aerial therefore probes the H-field, hence the new name.