Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shielded Loop (some photographs)

No new development yet. Here are some photographs to help the imagination. The loops will be provided with some amplifiers soon-ish.

There seems to be a rule of thumb for the dimensions:
Loop Diameters [cm] = Wavelength [m]

(e.g. 30cm loop diameter for a 10MHz loop)  :-))

For more information on materials and dimensions, please use the label "shielded" down below.

The loops for 30m and 40m.
The gap in the shield, opposite the capacitor.
The capacitor and coupling "box".


  1. What kind od enclusure have you used? What's the name od its manufacture?

  2. That an indoor electrical installations box, which I bought in a local hardware store. On the box it reads "ATTEMA", here is a link http://www.attema.nl/