Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MF/LF Dual Band SDR

Just an idea, what about a 2.000MHz local oscillator. For regular SDR purposes, this will and up at 500kHz centre frequency. Ok... not that surprising.
What about taking this 500kHz signal and use it as LO for another SDR setup. Well, that would provide as with a centre frequency of 125kHz.

Assuming a regular 48kH sampling, two interesting frequencies are in reach:
  • MF: 476-524kHz
  • LF: 101-149kHz


  1. i've been looking at this direct drive synthesis schematics, one uses the inductance of high-tolerance resistors in a ladder combined with an arduino microcontroller. i have this old "zeta sdr" i threw together, i may swap out the crystal with this setup, it claims timing from dc to possibly 14mhz, but i don't think the chips in the zeta will go that high

  2. Indeed, I have had the same thought