Friday, May 22, 2009

Elektronika boer

I've been to my favorite, sort of local, electronics shop. Got rid of some €100+. However, they got stuff, others don't, such as varactors. Yes, in some design, one would not really like to use LEDs or rectifier-diodes as varicaps, sometimes, the real deal is required (even with a price-tag of €6/pc for BB112 and €2,60 for BB204).

Thus, tunable i.f. crystal filter, here we come. Well, the intention is, to have a tunable i.f.-filter in the dedicated maritime-mobile rig.

Projects in the queue, a dedicated PSK transceiver for 80m, probably something very similar to the PSK-80 Warbler. Still to come: dedicated PSKmail-TRX for 30m, we had that in other entries before. And for the fun of it, rock-mites. For the latter, more crystals are required.