Saturday, May 30, 2009

SDR update

Some playing with programs and parameters reveiled the first results. Test were perfomed on my EeeTop (Atom N270, builtin soundcard). The soundcard creates birdies however. The image below show's a screen-catpure of Winradio with the receiver connected to the soundcard, but not the any mains supply.

1) Winradio by I2PHD works well. best results were obtained by setting the sample-rate to 96000. With an antenna connected, but by far to early in May (15:xx UTC) for the band to be open.

2) Rocky offers less features, seems however a nice choice for just listening into the band. Rocky offers two different screen setups. It's a very intuitive...
First capture shows Rocky in spectrum mode.

The second capture shows Rocky in waterfall mode.

3) SpectrumLab is very complex again. It's propably usefull to setup a grabber, for use as a receiver, it's a bit too complicated.

No other software was under scrutiny yet. As soon as there are signals on the band, I will continue testing, also publish some of my experiences in this very place.