Monday, May 25, 2009


Just had my first rainscatter-QSO on 3cm in years. Actually, I was more prepared of testing only, in preparation of tomorrows electric storms over Germany.
Quick and dirty setup, transverter/dish behind my topfloor window (double pane, insulation and stuff). PI7EHG came in loud and strong, 55s, I figure.
Just for the fun of it, also testing the transmit-train, I called CQ; it caught me by surprise as after the first "pse k", Uffe (PA5DD) called me. QSO-time, kneeling on the floor in the most awkward position to key... no pen, no paper, no clock... as indicated, I was totally unprepared (sorry Uffe).
It also has been a surprise, that in fact the transverter still works after last use about six years ago, and even more or less on frequency.
Rainscatter saison 2009, here we come!