Saturday, February 13, 2010

600m outdoor loop

Bill of Material
  • 10m 2×2.5m² speaker cable (€7.95)
  • 2pc 1m 32mm PVC waste water plumbing pipe (€1.85/pc)
  • 4pc 32mm PVC plumbing 90deg elbow (€0.75/pc)
  • 1pc 32mm PVC plumbing T-piece (€1.65)

The Plan
  1. The 1m pipes each will be cut in two, which will provide 4pc 50cm pipes. One of which will later be further split to accommodate the T-piece.
  2. Extend the cable to full length and run it successively through the parts, i.e. T-piece - short pipe - elbow - pipe - elbow, etc. An exercise which will be repeated until all parts are dangling on the loose wire loop. Let both ends of the speaker cable some out the angled of the T-piece.
  3. Plunge all parts together, carfully pulling the slack out the loop, not fully though! Check everything.
  4. When satisfied, apply PVC plumbing glue to the joints and try getting the rest of slack out of the loop.
The should be some excess wire, since the measure just a bit more than 50cm for one side. The total of wire inside the contraption should thus be a little more than 8m.

Alternative Design
I bought 90deg elbows, 45deg ones are available too. Making in octagon-loop will slightly increase the aerial area, which would be a good thing! However, twice the amount of elbows would be required, resulting in severe increase of sawing/gluing work... Well, as I am a lazy dawg, I preferred as much work done as I could... therefore, a square it will be!

Further progress will be posted on the draaggolf, so, stay tuned. The project will be known as the Plumbtenna.