Wednesday, February 10, 2010

600m RX loop

I did find some left over energy to finally build/finalize an aerial for the 600m band.

This is what I came up with....


This thing is about 80cm wide, uses 4 turns of 2x2.5mm² heavy duty speaker wire (a length of about 10m), resulting in 8 turns. The loop is resonated by a 2x130pF polyvaricon in parallel configuration, i.e. 260pF, parallel with a 680pF ceramic capacitor.
Have a look:

RF is coupled out by means of a (unknown) toroid, used as a 4:1 transformer.
This aerial resonates from 480k/c to 540k/c.
For the time being, I will spare the precious "HF-Litze" (translate: radio-frequency Litz wire) for more elaborate projects.