Friday, February 26, 2010

HF3 vs FRG-100

Did some longterm test of the two receivers on 600m. Well, maybe it is more the combination of gear I am comparing here, but still interesting.
During daytime, G4JNT produces a steady WSPR signal in JO22. I used this to test the following two setup:
  1. FRG-100 @ Octaplumb (24.02.2010)
  2. HF3 @ E-probe (26.02.2010)
Both aerials were at the exact same position for the testing periode.
It seems that the FRG-100 @ the Plumbtenna yielded an average SNR of -19dB and the HF3/E-probe combination an average SNR of -22dB.

However, there is one additional change between the two setups. At February 25th, I added a 1:1 isolation transformer to the audio cable. I am not sure if that had a great influence on the narrowband signal, it had one at the audio from the speaker.

The test invisaged for the weekend: use the HF3 in combination with the Octaplumb.