Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MF transverter idea

Well, there were two ideas around since I started thinking LF and MF. Transverters are certainly one way to go, although, I built a 600m-exciter by now.
The two ideas are:
  1. subharmonic mixing using a 14MHz LO
  2. regular mixing using a 10MHz LO
First I thought, subharmonic was the way to go, however, now, I consider the 10MHz option may be the better option.

To be honest with the dear reader, I wanted to have something built by today, however, external events drained my energy once again... So I have to be happy with the few steps I managed to do...

The transverter plan is now to run a 10MHz LO into a 4066 switching converter. Alternatively, a NE612-approach is considered. I hope, I will find my energy soon, time for the 600m experiment is ticking....